About Us

We strive for a better tomorrow and believe that with the use of cutting edge technology and creative minds we can change the world into a happier place one smile at a time.


 At STARTBYHAPPY.COM, our teams channel their love of life into the task of helping people discover and rediscover happiness as well as to consume and promote it. We believe that everyone has the birth right to happiness and that one’s happiness should not limit someone else happiness.


Founded in February 2014, STARTBYHAPPY.COM allows people to search, watch and share originally created videos that are considered positive & uplifting. STARTBYHAPPY.COM offers a place for people to find happy thoughts, get involved in spreading happiness and help people to find happiness in their lives.


The “Fund Happiness” menu button is made to empower people from all over the world to accomplish great things. We want to give a warm welcome to the people who have projects that are based on helping people in need, support community that embraces positive thinking, authenticity and cooperative work. The ideal platform for the people who have passion towards helping others, using industry leading tools, with support systems to help fund positive projects quickly, easily and securely wherever the supporters or supported are located.


We are willingly happy to share where the money goes and who makes decisions. We will provide transparent evidence of the outcomes, each and every step of the way, using a specially designed and highly sophisticated CMS (Content Management System). With Start by Happy – The user will share happiness by funding our carefully selected projects, promote our uplifting multimedia catalogue and actively participate within an organisation that will change the world…


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